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Wine Folly makes learning feel like a friend of yours at your home walking you through wine. I've gone through other classes and they felt too snooty or just boring and monotone. This class was nothing like that. I've never been so excited about learning before.- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ethan A. from United States

101 Courses

Learn the fundamentals of wine

Fun, fast, and easy to complete.

Wine 101

Wine 101

Unlock the secrets of the wine world with our beginner Wine 101 course. This course is packed with valuable resources that will elevate your wine knowledge to new heights.

Wine Styles 101

Wine Styles 101

Taste the right wines while grasping fundamental concepts in wine. Interacting with wines while you learn is the key to making sense of basic wine concepts.

Napa Valley 101

Napa Valley 101

Embark on a journey of taste and discovery as we delve into the renowned wines of Napa Valley. We'll teach you the insider tips and tricks for finding the hidden gems among Napa's many wineries.

Argentina 101

Argentina 101

Uncork a world of flavor and culture as we dive into the vibrant world of Argentine wines. Come with us on an adventure of discovery as we uncover the best that Argentina has to offer in both taste and quality.

Walla Walla Valley 101

Walla Walla Valley 101

Experience the unparalleled taste and terroir of Walla Walla wines on an epic journey of discovery. Join us as we explore the best Walla Walla has to offer, and discover the unique and unparalleled taste that only Walla Walla can deliver.

Margaret River 101

Margaret River 101

Nestled in the picturesque south-western corner of Australia, the Margaret River Wine Region is a wine lover's paradise. Learn about Margaret River Wine Region and uncover its unique characteristics that set it apart.

It was like being transported to a tasting room with a knowledgeable and entertaining host. Highly recommend!- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carlos O. from United States

201 Courses

Wine Folly's most comprehensive courses

In-depth learning, comparable to a university course.

Wine 201

Wine 201

Enhance your wine knowledge and take your skills to the next level with Wine Folly's most comprehensive course. Build a solid foundation for mastery at an advanced level, with the world’s best wine educators.

French Wine 201

French Wine 201

Experience the essence of French wine like never before with our immersive, hands-on course. Explore the 12 major wine regions of France through over 5 hours of captivating video content and 4 real-world challenges.

Italian Wine 201

Italian Wine 201

Unlock the secrets of Italian wine and master the art of wine pairing in just a month. With our expert guidance, you'll discover the rich history, culture, and flavors behind Italian wines.


Wine Certifications

Prove your knowledge, build your resume.

Wine Folly Wine Certificates

Wine Folly Certifications are an excellent way to prove your knowledge. Gain access to jobs in the wine trade or improve your general wine knowledge.

Earn Wine Certifications


Complete your exams and earn your certification in real time. No need to wait weeks or months!


Use your computer or your phone while learning at your own pace. Lifetime Access.


Certifications focus on understanding rather than memorizing. Knowledge is retained for longer.

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Wine Folly is globally recognized as a premiere wine education platform and has won many awards.

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You can study as much as you like and prove your knowledge as many times as it takes.

Amazing Value

Certifications are optional and affordable. Get the job you've always wanted in the wine industry.

The Team

Your Wine Experts

Award winning instructors.

  • Madeline Puckette

    Wine Folly Founder

    Madeline Puckette

    Madeline Puckette is the cofounder of Since its creation in 2011, Wine Folly has become one of the most popular wine education sites in the world due to its extensive use of insightful articles, detailed infographics, and entertaining videos.

    In recognition of these efforts, the International Wine & Spirits Competition awarded Puckette with Wine Blogger of the Year in 2013, and Wine Communicator of the Year in 2019.

  • Christine Marsiglio MW

    Master of Wine

    Christine Marsiglio MW

    Wine Folly's Director of Education, Christine Marsiglio, is one of only 32 Bollinger award-winning Masters of Wine. Before joining Wine Folly, she has worked at the WSET School London where she contributed to the development of materials for the WSET Diploma and taught all WSET levels.

    Before discovering her love of wine education, Christine was a Tastings Executive at Decanter where she ran panel tastings and helped organize the Decanter World Wine Awards.

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